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Renewable Energy in the UK

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Growth in Renewables /
Project List by Date

Major Wind / Solar / Hydro etc: 23,545.65 MW

FIT Capacity, Feed in Tariffs: 3,536.17 MW

Other Renewable Energy Resources

Wind map of the UK, 5 day forecast.

OFGEM : Feed in Tariff map

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Renewable Energy Map

renewable energy map

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Click here to read a proposal for a combined Solar Farm and Lorry Park solution to Operation Stack

Renewable Energy Project Totals and Capacity

Renewable Energy Totals (major Projects) All renewable energy Wind Solar
projects Capacity Projects Turbines Projects Capacity Acres
Active: 1586 23545 375 5693 420 3353 12567
Agreed / Building: 251 26746 125 1507 67 889 3027
Proposed: 703 24714 320 1767 116 1109 4223
Total potential 2540 75005 820 8967 603 5351 19818
Refused below only shows a limited sample of refused schemes            
Refused: 166 4678 121 280 36 359 1286
Total Sites Listed 2706 79683 941 9247 639 5711 21104
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Projects Most Recently Updated or Added
  Site Name
Capacity Region Postcode County Go Live Updated
  Cambridge Solar Farm 50 England CB23 8BA Cambridgeshire 0 / 0 26/09/2015  
  Desborough Solar Farm 49 England LE16 8PT Leicestershire 0 / 0 25/09/2015  
  Caddsdown 0.05 England Aberdeenshire 0 / 1900 25/09/2015  
  Immingham 50 England Yorkshire 0 / 0 25/09/2015  
  Auchtertyre 0.7 Scotland Aberdeenshire 0 / 2000 25/09/2015  
Projects most recently recorded as going live
  Site Name
Capacity Region Postcode County Go Live Updated
  Caddington Solar Farm 3 England LU1 4AJ Bedfordshire 12 / 2015 03/07/2015  
  Wilton Solar Farm 9.8 England PL12 5BX Cornwall 6 / 2015 30/07/2015  
  Humber Gateway Wind Farm 219 England Humberside 5 / 2015 30/07/2015  
  Verwood Solar Farm 14.6 England BH31 6JA Dorset 4 / 2015 24/06/2015  
  Barr Farm Solar Farm 1.3 England WV10 7BN Staffordshire 4 / 2015 15/06/2015  
Renewable Energy in Kent (try it)
Current News Listing
Drax pulls out of 1bn carbon capture project
Energy company Drax has abandoned a 1bn project to introduce carbon capture technology to cut emissions.
Solar farm plans for Sookholme opposed by residents and parish council
Warsop Parish Councillors are backing residents in their opposition to plans to build a solar farm on farmland at Sookholme. Plans for a 10 megawatt 40,000 panel solar park have been submitted to Mansfield District Council
Revealed - plan for solar farm at Ballygarvey
It is understood the company are seeking to develop on lands located off the Ballygarvey Road. The proposed site will take in some 56 acres and will accommodate approximately 13MW of ground mounted Solar PV panels.
Solar farm proposed for Tilbury
PROPOSED solar farm comprising the installation of arrays of PV panels, central inverters, underground cabling, etc, together with construction of internal access roads. Site 1 Land South Of Marshfoot Road And West Of St Chads Road, Tilbury.
Work begins on joint solar farm project
The 9.1MW centre at Braydon Farm has been developed by Public Power Solutions, a company entirely owned by Swindon Borough Council. It will be operated by a subsidiary of Wiltshire Wildlife.

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