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Renewable Energy in the UK

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Growth in Renewables /
Project List by Date

Major Wind / Solar / Hydro etc: 23,532.15 MW

FIT Capacity, Feed in Tariffs: 3,307.69 MW

Other Renewable Energy Resources

Wind map of the UK, 5 day forecast.

OFGEM : Feed in Tariff map

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renewable energy map

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Click here to read a proposal for a combined Solar Farm and Lorry Park solution to Operation Stack

Renewable Energy Project Totals and Capacity

Renewable Energy Totals (major Projects) All renewable energy Wind Solar
projects Capacity Projects Turbines Projects Capacity Acres
Active: 1582 23532 374 5630 417 3341 12567
Agreed / Building: 243 26605 125 1506 59 748 2504
Proposed: 700 24233 318 1757 115 1059 4223
Total potential 2525 74370 817 8893 591 5148 19295
Refused below only shows a limited sample of refused schemes            
Refused: 166 4678 121 280 36 359 1286
Total Sites Listed 2691 79048 938 9173 627 5508 20581
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Projects Most Recently Updated or Added
  Site Name
Capacity Region Postcode County Go Live Updated
  Marshborough Solar Farm 12.7 England CT3 2BZ Kent 0 / 0 02/08/2015  
  Marshborough Solar Farm 12.7 England CT3 2BZ Kent 0 / 0 02/08/2015  
  Ashlawn Farm Solar Farm 6.75 England BS26 2TS Somerset 3 / 2015 30/07/2015  
  Sutton Montis Solar Farm 5.3 England Somerset 3 / 2015 30/07/2015  
  Humber Gateway Wind Farm 219 England Humberside 5 / 2015 30/07/2015  
Projects most recently recorded as going live
  Site Name
Capacity Region Postcode County Go Live Updated
  Caddington Solar Farm 3 England LU1 4AJ Bedfordshire 12 / 2015 03/07/2015  
  Wilton Solar Farm 9.8 England PL12 5BX Cornwall 6 / 2015 30/07/2015  
  Humber Gateway Wind Farm 219 England Humberside 5 / 2015 30/07/2015  
  Barr Farm Solar Farm 1.3 England WV10 7BN Staffordshire 4 / 2015 15/06/2015  
  Verwood Solar Farm 14.6 England BH31 6JA Dorset 4 / 2015 24/06/2015  
Renewable Energy in Kent (try it)
Current News Listing
Solar farm plans go before East Lindsey District Council Read more: http://www.
An application has been sent to East Lindsey District Council for a 5MW ground mounted solar farm and equipment. If approved, it would be built on land linked to Canopus Farm, on Frith Bank near Boston.
St Mary Hoo Parish Council Report July /August 2014
The agenda for the last meeting was extended to include information on the potential for Wessex Solar Energy to construct an extensive Solar Park at Malmaynes Hall Farm.
Wessex Solar Energy invites residents on the Hoo Peninsula to have their say
The company behind a planned solar park on the Hoo Peninsula is inviting residents to an information day.Wessex Solar Energy (WSE) hopes to install a solar park on 26 hectares of land at Malmaynes Hall Farm, about 800m west of Lower Stoke.
Cut to solar subsidy will save you just 1.20 a year
Taxpayer subsidies for solar panels were cut yesterday as part of a drive to control rising energy bills. But it emerged that the move will save households only 1.20 a year on their bills.
Controversial Trowse solar farm is approved (White Horse Lane)
More than 50,000 solar panels are set to be installed in fields south west of Trowse after plans were approved by 10 to one at a South Norfolk Council planning meeting today.

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