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Renewable Energy in the UK

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Growth in Renewables /
Project List by Date

Major Wind / Solar / Hydro etc: 28,702.24 MW

FIT Capacity, Feed in Tariffs: 4,030.38 MW

Other Renewable Energy Resources

Wind map of the UK, 5 day forecast.

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Renewable Energy Project Totals and Capacity

Renewable Energy Totals (major Projects) All renewable energy Wind Solar
projects Capacity Projects Turbines Projects Capacity Acres
Active: 1604 28702 380 5762 433 3672 13316
Agreed / Building: 279 30352 135 1522 83 1214 4179
Proposed: 699 22688 304 1805 126 1264 4506
Total potential 2582 81742 819 9089 642 6151 22002
Refused below only shows a limited sample of refused schemes            
Refused: 171 4717 127 292 35 349 1236
Total Sites Listed 2753 86459 946 9381 677 6501 23238
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Projects Most Recently Updated or Added
  Site Name
Capacity Region Postcode County Go Live Updated
  Errol Solar Farm 18 England PH2 7RA Tayside 0 / 0 09/02/2016  
  Peterlee Solar Farm 5 England SR8 2H Co. Durham 0 / 0 09/02/2016  
  Lowther Hills Wind Farm 151 England Aberdeenshire 0 / 0 09/02/2016  
  Hornsea Wind Farm 1800 England Norfolk 0 / 0 04/02/2016  
  Hornsea Wind Farm 1800 England Norfolk 0 / 0 04/02/2016  
Projects most recently recorded as going live
  Site Name
Capacity Region Postcode County Go Live Updated
  Kentish Flats Wind Farm 90 England CT6 7NU Kent 9 / 20015 26/01/2016  
  Kentish Flats Wind Farm 90 England CT6 7NU Kent 9 / 20015 26/01/2016  
  East Fairlee Solar Farm 7.25 England PO30 2LB Isle of Wight 12 / 2015 22/01/2016  
  Caddington Solar Farm 3 England LU1 4AJ Bedfordshire 12 / 2015 03/07/2015  
  Walkers Wood Solar Farm 27 England DN22 8 Nottinghamshire 10 / 2015 04/11/2015  
Renewable Energy in Kent (try it)
Current News Listing
Peterlee solar farm plans approved by Durham Council
A 20,000 panel solar farm planned for a site in Peterlee has been approved by Durham County Council.
Scotlandís biggest solar farm starts to take shape Read more: http://www.scotsm
The 14-megawatt scheme on the Errol Estate in Tayside, covering 70 acres of land, is expected to be operational by March. It will ultimately provide power for more than 3,500 homes.
Construction begins on Scotland's largest solar farm
Construction has begun on Scotland's largest solar farm - which will have 55,000 solar panels. 70 acres of land at Carse of Gowrie on the Errol estate, east of Perth, will be devoted to housing the solar panels.
Lowther Hills wind farm seeks progress
A scoping report has been submitted to the Scottish government on plans to build 42 wind turbines in the Lowther Hills in Dumfries and Galloway.
World's biggest wind farm set to be built off Grimsby
The 174 turbine Hornsea project will span an area five times the size of Hull It is being carried out by a company owned by the Danish government

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