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Renewable Energy in the UK

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Major Wind / Solar / Hydro etc: 37,759.79 MW

FIT Capacity, Feed in Tariffs: 5,420.64 MW

Renewables by County:

Other Renewable Energy Resources

OFGEM : Feed in Tariff map

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greenpeaceThe government plan to dump a whopping great tax on schools, hospitals and small businesses who run on solar power. If the government's tax plans are approved it could spell disaster for the UK solar industry. But right now, the mainstream media aren't reporting on it. Will you help get the message out there by sharing this 60 second video?

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Renewable Energy Map

renewable energy map

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Click here to read a proposal for a combined Solar Farm and Lorry Park solution to Operation Stack

Renewable Energy Project Totals and Capacity

Renewable Energy Totals (major Projects) All renewable energy Hydro Waste Wind Solar
projects Capacity Projects Capacity Projects Capacity Projects Capacity Turbines Projects Capacity
Active: 3088 37759 138 4046 377 1836 889 19723 7818 1138 8357
Agreed / Building: 343 32249 8 21 28 610 125 23610 1694 124 1486
Proposed: 668 21328 49 1222 56 514 301 15433 2322 172 1377
Total potential 4099 91336 195 5290 461 2961 1315 58767 11834 1434 11220
Refused below only shows a limited sample of refused schemes                    
Refused: 228 7334 0 0 7 155 166 6418 516 48 678
Total Sites Listed 4327 98670 195 5290 468 3116 1481 65186 12350 1482 11899
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Current News Listing
Wind farm being sued by families admits its liability
The case against Enercon Windfarm Services Ireland Ltd and Carrigcannon Wind Farm Ltd was taken by the Shivnen family and another six households in Banteer including couples, families, and one single occupant.
Cork village families settle action against wind turbine operators
The cases against Enercon Windfarm Services Ireland Ltd and Carrigcannon Wind Farm Ltd were taken by the Shivnen family and others including couples, families, and one single occupant.
Lightning strikes Irish turbine
A “severe” lightning strike has destroyed a blade on an Enercon E-48 turbine at the 3.2MW Meenanilta 3 wind farm in Ireland’s north west.
Lurganboy Wind Farm
The site is a complex site consisting of rock outcrops and high montane plateau with full exposure to the Atlantic.
(2005) Ireland's largest wind farm opens in Co Donegal - Meentycat
The massive project has taken 11 months to complete and features some of the biggest turbines installed in Ireland or Britain.

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