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Hare Hill Wind Farm

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Hare Hill Wind Farm (Wind , Active)

 General Information.

Location in the UK : Scotland, County Durham, England    
Type of installation: Wind    on/offshore: on
Turbines :20  Capacity : 13 MW
Approx Date of 1st power generation: November 2000

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At the time of their construction in 2004, the turbines at Harehill Wind Farm were the largest and most powerful in the UK.
Under the terms of the first of the agreements signed with the Scottish utility1, Gamesa will install and commission 35 G52-850 kW turbines, with heights ranging between 44 and 65 metres, for expansion of the Hare Hill wind farm, a development located close to the Scottish town of New Cumnock.

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Capacity: 13.2
Start Speed: 5 m/s (11.185 mph)
Optimum Speed: 15 m/s (33.555 mph)
Stop Speed: 25 m/s (55.925 mph)

Local Weather Station: SAUGHALL(3139)
Elevation of Weather Station:

Date for Wind forecast: 4/27/2017
Wind Speed at Weather Station: mph
Wind Direction:
Outputratio = 0.00
Output of Wind Farm = 0.0

Alternative Wind Speed: in mph

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Project Info
Gamesa contracted to supply 52 MW to ScottishPower Renewables
The company will install 35 G52-850 kW turbines at the HARE HILL wind farm and 11 of its G90-2.0 MW turbines at the Glen App development.

Scottish Power HARE HILL Wind Farm Project

E.on HARE HILL Wind Farm

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