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Renewable Energy Resources in the UK
Current News Listing
Clayhill – the UKs first subsidy-free solar farm
Clayhill solar farm, located in Milton Keynes, was officially opened on 26 September 2017 by Claire Perry MP, the UK Minister for Climate Change & Industry.
Triodos banks on UK solar with £18 million double refinancing package
The two sites in question are the 15.1MW Stokes Marsh solar farm in Coulston, Wiltshire, and the 5MW Stoneshill solar farm in Exeter.
Inside ClayHill, the UK’s first subsidy-free solar farm
At 10MW in size, Clay Hill Solar Farm is the UK’s first built in the absence of any government support. Construction started roughly two months after the Renewables Obligation slammed shut and long after the eligibility window closed.
IRELAND: Nordex wins a 17.5MW order from ABO Wind
The deal is for seven N90/2500 turbines and a five-year service contract. The turbines will go to 15MW Gibbett Hill wind farm and 2.5MW Glenough 2 wind farm.
Dromada wind farm located in Limerick became fully operational in February 2010. The wind farm comprises of 19 turbines.

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Waste includes landfill gas and incineration

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Last update on site = 18/10/2017
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Projects Most Recently Updated or Added
  Site Name
Capacity Region Postcode County Go Live Updated
  Tursillagh Wind Farm 0 SIreland Co. Kerry 9 / 2004 18/10/2017  
  Derrynadivva Wind Farm 0 Co. Mayo 0 / 2009 17/10/2017  
  Carrigcannon Wind Farm 23 SIreland Co. Cork 1 / 2010 17/10/2017  
  Clayhill Solar Farm 10 England MK45 5JD Bedfordshire 9 / 2017 15/10/2017  
  North Clayhill Solar Farm 21 England MK45 5JD Bedfordshire 6 / 2016 15/10/2017  

Projects most recently recorded as going live
  Site Name
Capacity Region Postcode County Go Live Updated
  Warmwell 2 England DT2 8HU Dorset 4 / 2019 20/02/2017  
  Nanthenfoel Solar Farm 4.2 Wales SA48 7NP Ceredigion 10 / 2017 12/06/2017  
  Clayhill Solar Farm 10 England MK45 5JD Bedfordshire 9 / 2017 15/10/2017  
  Allt Garbh 1.5 Scotland Highland 7 / 2017 19/05/2017  
  Long Ash Solar Farm 4.125 England DT2 9PW Dorset 6 / 2017 13/04/2017