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Renewable Energy Resources in the UK
Current News Listing
Allison Wold planning – approved!
Our Allison Wold wind turbine project has just been passed by the local planning authority in the Ryedale region.
The world's biggest wind turbine: Vestas V164
Dong Energy will be the first to install the wind turbines at its Burbo Bank wind farm off the coast of Britain in the Irish Sea. Pictured is a prototype in Denmark
Community wind turbine to earn village £75k a year
Fetterangus: A community-owned wind turbine looks set to be the gift that keeps on giving for a rural Aberdeenshire village when it is powered up tomorrow.
All I want for Christmas ....is a community wind turbine!
24-12-2013 | Fetterangus looks set to receive the best Christmas present a village could want when its community wind turbine powers up on Christmas Eve.
The Shafton turbine is located on the former Shafton Two-Gates Coking site which lies between the villages of Grimethorpe and Cudworth.

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Waste includes landfill gas and incineration

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Last update on site = 3/27/2017
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Projects Most Recently Updated or Added
  Site Name
Capacity Region Postcode County Go Live Updated
  ALBA Kintore Wind Farm 0.48 Scotland AB51 0XS Aberdeenshire 9 / 2016 3/27/2017  
  Alba Wind Farm 0.5 Scotland Caithness 0 / 0 3/27/2017  
  Alfreton Wind Farm 0.48 England DE55 4NJ Derbyshire 7 / 2015 3/27/2017  
  Allison Wold Wind Farm 0.45 England YO17 8EP Yorkshire 9 / 2014 3/27/2017  
  Burnhead Wind Farm 0.5 Scotland ML9 3DQ Aberdeenshire 10 / 2015 3/27/2017  

Projects most recently recorded as going live
  Site Name
Capacity Region Postcode County Go Live Updated
  Warmwell 2 England DT2 8HU Dorset 4 / 2019 2/20/2017  
  Burbo Bank Extension Wind Farm 256 England Merseyside 4 / 2017 3/24/2017  
  Hare Hill Wind Farm 13 Scotland Ayrshire 1 / 2017 9/4/2016  
  Hare Hill Wind Farm 13 Scotland Ayrshire 1 / 2017 9/4/2016  
  Newstead and Annesley Wind Farm 1.5 England NG15 0BT Nottinghamshire 1 / 2017 2/9/2017