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Brenig Wind Farm

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Brenig Wind Farm (Wind , Active)

 General Information.

Location in the UK : Wales, Denbigh, North Wales    
Type of installation: Wind    on/offshore: on
Turbines :16  Capacity : 40 MW
Approx Date of 1st power generation: October 2018

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Although initial scoping of the site showed that the proposed site at Brenig might be suitable for up to 23 turbines, after applying a number of project constraints on the area and taking into account the views of local people, the number of wind turbines was reduced to 16 in the 2-2.5MW range.

The consented development of 16 turbines will have the installed generation capacity of up to 40MW of electricity, enough to power the annual equivalent demand of 20,000+ homes. On average it is envisaged that the wind farm will produce an output of 105,120MW hours/year, i.e. 30% of what it would produce if it were operating continually at maximum output.

During the 25 year lifetime it will cut emissions of carbon dioxide by 2.26million tonnes, sulphur dioxide by 2,625 tonnes, and nitrous oxide by 525 tonnes, helping to combat climate change.

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Capacity: 40
Start Speed: 5 m/s (11.185 mph)
Optimum Speed: 15 m/s (33.555 mph)
Stop Speed: 25 m/s (55.925 mph)

Local Weather Station:
Elevation of Weather Station:

Date for Wind forecast: 16/08/2022
Wind Speed at Weather Station: mph
Wind Direction:
Outputratio = 0.00
Output of Wind Farm = 0.0

Alternative Wind Speed: in mph Capacity: 40 start: 5 Optimum: 15/ Stop: 25 / wind: / ratio 350703

Project Info
Rolling road blocks could hit Shropshire border routes
The Clocaenog Forest wind farm will see 27 turbines put up within the forest near the popular Llyn BRENIG beauty spot in Denbighshire.

Proven Management
FIM secures one of only fifteen CFDs granted to onshore wind projects, for BRENIG Wind Farm. Harburnhead Wind Farm construction starts in earnest in the New Year with civil works by Farrans.

The BRENIG Project

Llyn BRENIG eco-village scuppered by windfarm

Windfarm owner claims rival operation would steal our wind
And it has now emerged one of the more bizarre objections to the BRENIG proposal came from the managers of the 25-turbine windfarm Tir Mostyn, immediately to the north and east of the proposal.

©2018 Simon Mallett
Latest News Added
Light or blight? Anger rises at plan for Britains biggest solar farm
A proposed new 600m solar farm in eastern England covering an area eight times bigger than Hyde Park in central London faces opposition over claims it would be a blight on the countryside.
Source: Guardian, Date and Time of entry: 06 August 2022 00:00

solar farm for Goshall Valley, in Ash near Sandwich
Villagers have now set up a website to combat the proposed development, which would go on 180.75 acres (73.15 hectares) of farming fields.
Source: kentonline, Date and Time of entry: 15 July 2022 00:00

Wind farm work for Scottish and English sites
180 blades for offshore turbines are to be manufactured in Hull for a wind farm project in Scotland's Moray Firth The turbines will later be pre-assembled at the Highland port of Nigg before installation at the Moray West site
Source: bbc, Date and Time of entry: 24 June 2022 00:00

Siemens Gamesa bags firm turbine order for 882-MW Moray West
June 23 (Renewables Now) - Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy SA (BME:SGRE) has secured a firm order to supply 882 MW of turbines for the Moray West offshore wind project off Scotland, the company said.
Date and Time of entry: 24 June 2022 00:00

RenewableUK says global offshore wind grows to 846 GW
The figure includes projects at any stages of development, from operational to planned, as well as 135 GW of overlapping proposed projects, mainly in Brazil, Taiwan and Sweden.
Source: renewablesnow, Date and Time of entry: 24 June 2022 00:00

©2017 Simon Mallett
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