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Lenham Solar Farm (Solar , Active)

 General Information.

Location in the UK : England, Lenham Kent    
Type of installation: Solar    on/offshore: on
Solar Panels :16000  Capacity : 6 MW
Approx Date of 1st power generation: June 2014


February 2014: Under construction: can be seen with difficulty from Pilgrims Way alongside the North Downs above Lenham, ie well screened.
Missed the August 2011 deadline for the higher level FITs but as at 15 March 2012, still being planned with general support within the village. Solar Panels as a community benefit fitted on the Village Hall included as part of the overall deal have yet to be fitted.

Recent planning applications for CCTV and yard. Accepted.

The plan will involve the installation of 20,000 solar panels, each panel with a nominal 0.2kW meaning the solar array could have a potential output of 4MW.

Background: A local farmer, Andrew Barr, is working with Kronos Solar to develop a solar park next to Ham Lane in Lenham. The park will be near an existing electricity sub station, at the time of initial proposal, would have been one of the largest solar parks in the UK, realistically at 4MW, effectively a standard sized solar park.

 Useful links and News items

LENHAM Solar Farm Kent - 6.6 MWp
Close to the market village of LENHAM in Kent, over the ridge from the railway line that follows the M20 motorway lies LENHAM Solar Farm.

MAidstone Borough Council meeting

LENHAM Solar Park

Confusion over Solar Farm Plan
Thurnham Lane Farm. Bearsted and Thurnham KIG LENHAM. Announcement of solar farm causes confusion - then reduction in panels from 50,000 to 16,000.

Solar park plans welcomed
Farmer Andrew Barr wants to install rows of solar panels on his A&A Barr Farm in LENHAM, in partnership with German-based energy company Kronos Solar.

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East Lenham Farm East Lenham Road Lenham Maidstone Kent ME17 2DP

 Associated Companies.

Relationship Company (For: Lenham )
DeveloperKronos Solar GmbH
OperatorKS SPV
PlanningLaurence associates
OperatorLightsource Renewable Energy Limited
AgentLightsource Renewable Energy Limited

 DECC Data on this Project: Lenham : / 1940

Please note that where multiple DECC records are available, all are shown in order. eg Project then repowering / extension, or refused project then resubmitted.

Site Name: East Lenham Solar Farm     6.6 MW
Energy Type: Solar Photovoltaics
County: Kent     Country: England     LPA: Maidstone Borough Council
Site ID and Reference: 1429 / AA666     District:
Applicant: Laurence Associates     Application : 12/0013 (Go to search to find Application)
--- For Solar Farms / Parks ---
Mounting of panels: Ground
--- ----- ---- ---
Site Address: East Lenham Farm, East Lenham Road, Lenham, Maidstone, Kent,
  ME17 2DP
County: Kent Region: South East
OS Coordinates: 589450 / 589450
Development Status: Operational
Application Submitted: Planning Permission Granted
Application Determined: Permission refused:
Construction Date:    
Generator Live This Record Last Updated: 29/9/2015
RO Banding (ROC/MWh) FiT Tariff (p/kWh):
  --- Additional Dates where relevant ----
Application Withdrawn:    
Permission Expiration Date:    
Secretary of State - Appeal Lodged:
Called In: Appeal Withdrawn:
Refusal: Appeal Refused:
Granted: Appeal Granted:

 OFGEM Data on this Project: Lenham: Solar :

Site Name: Lenham Farm Solar Park
Generator Type: Photovoltaic (RO code = RU)
Scheme : RO Generator ID: R00287RUEN
Capacity: 5660 Status: Live
Accreditation Date:    
Commission Date: 30/3/2014    
Applicant: Octopus Investments Limited
Applicant Address: 6th Floor, 33 Holborn London EC1N 2HT England
Address: Lenham Farm Solar Park Lenham Heath Road Lenham ME17 2HT England

Site Name: Lenham Farm Solar Park
Generator Type: Photovoltaic
Scheme : REGO Generator ID: G05433PVEN
Capacity: 5660 Status: Live
Accreditation Date:    
Commission Date: 30/3/2014    
Applicant: Octopus Investments Limited
Applicant Address: 6th Floor, 33 Holborn London EC1N 2HT England
Address: Lenham Farm Solar Park Lenham Heath Road Lenham ME17 2HT England
Assumptions: Capacity: 5660kW 5.66 MW,
Thus over the month Capacity * 720 hours per month = 4075.2 MWh
Output Period LECs Issued ROCs Issued REGO Certs Capacity Factor Status
01/08/2017 770 13.60% Issued
01/07/2017 866 15.30% Issued
01/06/2017 947 16.73% Issued
01/05/2017 822 14.52% Issued
01/04/2017 813 14.36% Issued
01/03/2017 595 10.51% Redeemed
01/02/2017 215 3.80% Redeemed
Dec-16 0231 153 2.70% Issued
Nov-16 0408 262 4.63% Issued
Oct-16 0750 474 8.37% Issued
Sep-16 0985 620 10.95% Issued
Aug-16 01407 620 10.95% Issued
Jul-16 01448 905 15.99% Issued
Jun-16 01192 745 13.16% Issued
Jun-16 01192 745 13.16% Issued
May-16 01109 693 12.24% Issued
Apr-16 01117 703 12.42% Issued
Mar-16 0904 571 10.09% Issued
Feb-16 0451 288 5.09% Issued
Jan-16 0277 180 3.18% Issued
Dec-15 0151 102 1.80% Redeemed
Nov-15 0246 161 2.84% Redeemed
Oct-15 0636 403 7.12% Redeemed
Sep-15 01070 674 11.91% Redeemed
Aug-15 01125 708 12.51% Redeemed
Jul-15 8171308 817 14.43% Redeemed
Jun-15 9771563 977 17.26% Redeemed
May-15 8251314 825 14.58% Retired
Apr-15 8871411 887 15.67% Redeemed
Mar-15 621983 621 10.97% Redeemed
Feb-15 306478 306 5.41% Redeemed
Jan-15 182277 181 3.20% Redeemed
Dec-14 164249 164 2.90% Redeemed
Nov-14 194300 194 3.43% Redeemed
Oct-14 371583 370 6.54% Redeemed
Sep-14 533845 533 9.42% Redeemed
Aug-14 7661220 766 13.53% Redeemed
Jul-14 9081453 908 16.04% Redeemed
Jun-14 7461194 746 13.18% Redeemed
May-14 8271315 826 14.59% Redeemed
Apr-14 523830 523 9.24% Redeemed
Mar-14 3659 37 0.65% Expired


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